Atlosian Calendar

The continent of Atlos has many cultures, and thus many different ways of tracking the passage of time. However, every culture is familiar with the standardized Atlosian Calendar, which was developed by the High Council of Atlos during the Second Age.

The calendar is made up of thirteen months, and each month is based on the lunar cycle of Mun, Atlos’s first moon, which lasts twenty-eight days. Thirteen months, each lasting twenty-eight days, equals 364 days. However, at the very end of the year, there is an extra “month” that lasts only one day, bringing the grand total to 365.

The first twelve months were named after Bahamut’s Champions. The thirteenth month was named Kingsmer, in honor of the many kings and emperors that rule Atlos by the grace of the gods. The final month, which lasts but one day, was named Mortalmer, for the common folk who are neither gods nor kings. It is more commonly known as Mortal’s Day, and is a great celebration of renewals and new beginnings.

The full calendar for the 4th Year of the Third Age is provided below for reference:


Atlosian Calendar

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