Welcome to the Realm of Atlos


A Land in Turmoil
Tensions between the races of Atlos haven’t been this high since the endless wars of the First Age.

Although The Harbinger, Styria, was defeated, the incredible loss of life without explanation caused by the Tragedy at Linhaven has allowed enmity and mistrust to spread, unchecked, throughout the first four and a half years of the Third Age.

Alliances are tenuous, empires are on the cusp of collapse, and the untamed wilderness is beginning to take back its land from civilization.

All in all, it is a very dangerous time to be an adventurer…

Session List
Session 1 – Goblin Arrows
Session 2 – Into Cragmaw Hideout
Session 3 – No Such Thing as a Trustworthy Goblin
Session 4 – Killing the Cragmaw
Session 5 – The Ordeal in the Orchard
Session 6 – More Than They Can Chew
Session 7 – Revenge For Rask
Session 8 – A Night in the Dungeon
Session 9 – Into the Crypts

Newest Entries
Port Saltigar
The War of The Harbinger
High Council of Atlos

The Realm of Atlos

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