The Realm of Atlos

Session 9 - Into the Crypts

Or, When Planning an Ambush Goes Horribly Right

Locating the Slaves
After quietly dispatching the lone remaining Redbrand hostage, the party followed Glasstaff’s directions and made its way to the secret door on the other side of the room. They made a quick stop at the armory to see if there was anything of use. Mendes snagged an extra quiver of crossbow bolts, while Gremmer and Torbjorn each took a spear of questionable craftsmanship.

As Torbjorn opened the door to the crypts, the party laid eyes on a small chamber bearing three sarcophagi, and slumped over on the floor next to each one was a skeleton wearing rusty scraps of metal armor.

Daphina was overcome with excitement, and pushed past Torbjorn to get a better look. She ran up to the nearest skeleton and started scribbling down notes in her notebook. As Torbjorn came up behind to try and warn her about getting too close, the skeletons all began to stir and get to their feet.

The small crypt erupted into combat, with Faldryn scaling one of the stone caskets to get to the skeleton in front of Daphina and smashing it over the head with his druid’s staff.

Gremmer attempted to use his new spear, but his attack slipped through the skeleton’s rib cage and smashed against the wall behind his target, snapping the wooden shaft. Adeline stepped up and drove an arrow into the same enemy’s skull.

Torbjorn and Faldryn teamed up to take down another skeleton, before finishing off the one that Adeline had injured.

The skeleton in front of Daphina managed to cut her slightly with its longsword, but she only giggled before reaching out and grabbing a metal bracer on its forearm. She cast shocking grasp, amplifying it through the conductive metal, and effectively turned the skeleton into dust.

The party rummaged around the crypt for anything useful, and was able to find a platinum signet ring in each sarcophagus. The symbol upon them had faded, almost to the point of being unrecognizable, but they were undoubtedly worth some gold, even just for the metal they were crafted from.

The adventurers approached and began to inspect two large iron doors at the opposite end of the room. As they were examining for traps or signs of danger, three Redbrands that had been waiting behind the other door in the room — which they would later learn was the entrance to the slave pens — burst forth and launched a surprise attack.

Not expecting trouble from the rear, most of the durable members were near the large iron doors and the smaller, more vulnerable, types were now standing between their friends and the Redbrands.

With their swift attacks and the opportunity to strike first, the Redbrands dealt a massive first blow, and looked poised to cut through the entire party. However, their damage output was no match for the party. Even though Torbjorn also snapped his spear with an errant attack, he managed to use his greataxe to eviscerate one ruffian, and the whole party was able to avoid taking too much damage thanks to Daphina, who used acid splash to cover the remaining two attackers and dissolve enough of their flesh to kill them.

She celebrated by casting prestidigitation and making glitter rain from the ceiling. Torbjorn, who had opened his mouth to congratulate her, changed his mind and audibly snapped his jaw shut.

Saving the Slaves
As they entered the makeshift jail the Redbrands had been hiding in, they were shocked to find two of the prisoners were actually children. Daphina and Mendes ran to the bars and began to comfort the obviously terrified family. The woman introduced herself as Mirna Dendrar, the wife of Thel Dendrar, and told the party that they had been kidnapped the night that her husband was murdered by Redbrands. They had been kept there for over a week, and were to be sold into slavery as soon as the gang had a buyer.

Daphina used prestidigitation to clean them up a little, making the dust, dirt, and grime of a week spent in captivity vanish in an instant, while Torbjorn, Faldryn, and Gremmer set about hiding Redbrand bodies in the sarcophagi. Afterwards, in preparation for ambushing Glasstaff, the group decided to move the young boy, who was in a separate cell, across the room into the cell with his mother and sister.

Gremmer headed back to the armory to see if there was any sturdier spears they could take, when he heard the secret door across the hall open, and a set of footsteps proceed towards the crypt.

Torbjorn was crossing the crypt to join Gremmer in the armory when the door swung open, and Glasstaff stood in the doorway. They stared at each other, confused, for just a moment before Gremmer came charging down the hallway, tackling Glasstaff to the ground and holding his hands behind his back.

They restrained the mage, who they now suspected might be Iarno Albrek, Sildar Hallwinter‘s companion from the Lords’ Alliance, and proceeded to lead the Dendrar’s out of the hideout.

They tried to exit down the hallway near the crypt, but Torbjorn triggered a pit trap, falling twenty feet into a hole that encompassed almost the width of the hall. Instead, they decided to lead the family on the longer, but safer, path through the cavern.

Mendes stayed with the prisoner, now tied up in one of his own jail cells, Faldryn explored the rest of the hideout for loot, and the rest of the group escorted the Dendrar’s back to town. Daphina managed to keep the children entertained with prestidigitation and other minor tricks.

Back at her home, Mirna thanked Daphina for rescuing them, and told her about an emerald amulet that her family kept hidden in their shop, an apothecary in the now destroyed town of Thundercliff.

The rest of the party proceeded to the Townmaster’s Hall where they found Sildar dealing with the chaos caused by the previous night’s revolt. At first he dismissed them, claiming that he was far too busy. But as soon as they mentioned Iarno, he told Harbin Wester to take over. He had to handle the processing of his former ally personally…



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