The Realm of Atlos

Session 3 - No Such Thing as a Trustworthy Goblin

Or, The Gang Does Diplomacy...

Tact or Tactics
After recuperating in the wolf den, the party gathered their things and proceeded to travel further into the cave.

Rather than travel up the low path that had battered them with multiple deluges of water, the adventurers scaled the walls and climbed upon the bridge overhead. They decided to explore the path on the opposite side of the cavern from where the goblins attacked, hoping to find something other than more goblins.

However, their prayers were not answered, as they stumbled upon a large room full of goblins, and one of them was holding Sildar Hallwinter hostage.

“Truce! I’m willing to negotiate for the human’s release!” the goblin said. His robes identified him as a leader of sorts, and he soon confirmed as much to the party.

He called himself Yeemik, and claimed to be the second-in-command of the goblins in Cragmaw Hideout, after Klarg. Yet, he was not satisfied with his position, and told the party that, if they killed Klarg and let him take over the tribe, he would let them leave the cave alive, and with Sildar.

The group held a quick discussion in front of the goblins, weighing the pros and cons of slaughtering the goblins versus doing what they asked. They also deliberated loudly about whether Yeemik could be trusted or not. Eventually he got fed up of listening to them bicker, and urged them to make a decision before he changed his mind.

Woman of Inaction
At this point, the adventurers went with the plan that involved killing everything in the cave, and Aurora got the jump on them by casting sleep, putting a handful of goblins, as well as Sildar, into a slumber instantly.

Yeemik tossed Sildar from his vantage point at the edge of a ten-foot ledge, knocking the man unconscious and leaving him dying in the middle of the battlefield, before engaging the party in combat.

An uncoordinated and awkward fight later, Yeemik lay dead, Sildar was stabilized, and the four goblins that weren’t killed in the fighting were alive but tied up.

Knowing that Klarg was somewhere else in the cave, Rask suggested that he take Dominique and scout ahead. Torbjorn was reluctant, as he still didn’t trust the bard, but agreed in the end.

Rask and Dominique made their way through the cave, finding the emptied pools of water that were used to make the trap they encountered earlier. In that same room, they came upon the entrance to a chamber with a small fire burning in the center. Angered voices were quietly issuing commands, and the sounds of movement and shuffling were coming from within.

Just a Spot of Goblin Murder
Rask sent Dominique back to gather the party while he stayed and continued to observe. When he arrived, Aurora and Torbjorn were mercilessly murdering the tied up goblins, using them as target practice for their spells and axes.

Once the goblins were all dead and the air smelt of charred flesh, they pinned a handwritten note to Sildar’s chest, in case he woke up while they were gone, and set out to join up with Rask.

As soon as the party was reunited outside of the lighted chamber, Rask, without saying a word to the group, brazenly attempted to sneak into the room.

The three goblinoid occupants were completely unaware of his presence…until Klarg’s pet wolf began to growl…



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